GF-Series pumps

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HCP pumps hcp GF type

HCP pumps hcp GF type


GF-Series Submersible Grinder Pumps

Used as a grinder pump in pressure sewage systems to transfer sewage and wastewater.



These pumps were specially designed to macerate waste for pressure sewage systems.

  • High torque, efficient, 2-pole dry motor fitted with a thermal auto cut device.
  • Equipped with a hardened (55-60 Rockwell C) radial cutter ring and cutter to facilitate the grinding of solid matter before it enters the pump casing. Fitted with a combination of chromium alloy and stainless steel parts
  • The cutter device is mounted on the shaft and the stationary cutting ring with axial teeth is mounted at the pump inlet
  • The range consists of 1.5kW, 2.2kW and 3.7kW pumps. They are available in single phase 240Volt and three phase 400 and 550Volt
  • Double permanently lubricated mechanical seal (Carbon/Ceramic, Silicone Carbide/Silicone Carbide) The seal is located in the oil housing and runs independently from the pumped product.
  • Nitrile rubber “O”- rings and gaskets.
  • All HCP pumps are fitted with a motor protector “auto cut” thermal device. The auto-cut protector is a mechanical thermal switch that cuts power to the electric motor in the event of a power surge, lock rotor, phase failure and overloading. The switch automatically restarts the motor once the temperature inside the motor drops to 60-70°C
  • 8m power cable is fitted a standard (longer length on request)
  • Grinder pumps are very efficient and are often only required to run for an hour per day.
  • Available with a single float level switch for automatic operation.
  • Can be installed as a freestanding pump or with our guide rail system. (Optional)



Model kW Voltage Discharge (mm) Best Efficiency Point Max (H) m Max (Q) L/min Solid size (∅mm) Weight (kg) 1P/3P
32GF-2.1 1.0 240/400 32 60l/min@17m 20 120 / 27
32GF-21.5 1.5 240/400 32 60l/min@23m 26 145 / 36
32GF-21.5H 1.5 240/400 32 60l/min@26m 30 140 / 36
32GF-21.5(DN40) 1.5 240/400 32 60l/min@23m 26 145 / 36
32GF-22.2 2.2 240/400 32 60l/min@29m 32 120 / 38
32GF-22.2(DN40) 2.2 240/400 32 60l/min@29m 32 120 / 38
50GF-22.2 2.2 400 50 200l/min@19m 25 350 / 51
50GF-23.7 3.7 400 50 200l/min@26m 32 350 / 53